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Top Questions (and Answers) from USA College Day

LONDON, Sept. 25, 2014 — The American application process is understandably vexing for many British students. The application form, essays, school choices, and admissions critiera are all quite different from those of British schools. And British students often are applying alone, without a large cohort of friends to go along with. And, of course, US […]
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ArborBridge Supports Families in U.S. Foreign Service

SANTA MONICA, California, Oct. 2, 2014—ArborBridge, a global leader in personalized online test preparation, will be participating in the Foreign Service Youth Foundation (FSYF) Annual College Workshop in Falls Church, VA on Saturday, Oct. 4. Director of International Development, Josh Stephens, is one of two speakers at the event, presenting to a crowd of parents […]
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Educator Spotlight: Sasha Borenstein

The Key to Education is Collaboration   This month, we are thrilled to spotlight educational pioneer, Sasha Borenstein. Sasha was the founder and Educational Director of The Kelter Center, an educational therapy center that taught students with learning differences how to learn. Sasha’s career as an LA Educator spanned over 30 years—during that time she […]
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ArborBridge to Attend Fulbright College Fairs in Europe

SANTA MONICA, California, Sept. 10, 2014—ArborBridge, the world leader in personalized online test preparation, will solidify its presence in Europe with its participation in three major events this month. Representatives of ArborBridge will introduce its revolutionary SAT curriculum and its unique approach to test preparation at a series of fairs organized by local Fulbright commissions, […]
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